About me

My Life Experiences

At a young age I've witnessed parental domestic abuse, bullied at primary and secondary school which created isolation, this triggered me to have low self esteem, anxiety and depression which went on to effect me in areas of relationships and confidence. As I went into adult life I suffered with post natal depression and mental health anxiety. As well as helping in my own recovery using CBT and holistic approaches All of the above has helped me to understand the conditions and how to help people better along side being able to relate to a persons experiences for the better. . This is one of the reasons why I chose this field of work although I did a law degree.

Why a holistic view is key to mental wellbeing?

I firmly believe when aiding mental health wellbeing looking at various approaches is key to moving forward in therapy. Where some clients will need CBT alone generally life is more complex and needs to be treated by assessing individual needs creating multifaceted holistic approaches to wellbeing.

In my many years of working in NHS I have applied accredited CBT techniques alongside holistic approaches which have aided me to achieve positive recovery for my clients. When seeing certain clients I have along side CBT, also seen it beneficial to look at other aspects like daily life style management to aid in recovery. 

Additionally its fundamental to look into the past as far back as childhood to understand why they would be effected in the here and now. 

The holistic approaches I use have been daily life style management,  socialisation, stress management, meditation, affirmations, diet, exercise, among other techniques. 

Why am I passionate in helping?

In my early twenties I did voluntary youth offending services in which I aided youths and there families after they had been sentenced, with advice and guidance on how to change and improve their quality of their life, to help not go down the wrong path. This experience of helping and also my life story inspired me to help in mental health services.

 Through my life experiences and my working with clients in the NHS I have seen how when clients recover from very difficult mental health experiences it can have a dramatic effect positively on the quality of their life. Knowing that one if four will or are going through mental health problems my endeavour and passion has lead me to want to help attain a positive level of mental health for my clients as I have seen it can also end up having an effect on the clients surrounding relationships therefore in helping the person it benefits surrounding relationships.